How To Choose the Best Vending Machine Snacks

A vending machine can be a fruitful addition to your business if you choose the right snacks and items to offer. Ensuring that you have products your visitors will buy is paramount to succeeding. Here’s some information about vending machines and how to get the right mix of items for your guests.

What are good snacks to put in a vending machine?

When choosing which items to put in your building, you’ll need to consider the most popular snacks and drinks for vending machines. However, you must also consider other aspects such as:

What Type of Business You Operate

The kind of business you run greatly affects the snacks and drinks you should offer. For example, if you own a gym, you’ll need to stock up with water, protein drinks, and electrolyte-balancing products. A health-based establishment should offer healthy snacks, gluten-free options, and protein-based bars. Other businesses can have a nice mix of various foods and drinks.  

Whether the Same People Will Visit Frequently

Think about whether the vending machine will accommodate the same people every day. For instance, you can monitor the purchasing patterns easily if your vending machine is in the employee cafeteria. Your employees will likely go for the same snacks and drinks daily, and then you will know how to order your inventory to make profits.  

Current Market Trends

Following vending machine market trends will help you decide which foods and drinks work best. Take some time to research this subject and choose about 10 items that are trending on the market. 

Your Budget

Your budget is a huge factor when selecting snacks and drinks for the vending machine. You’ll need to stay within your limits and buy wisely to earn the money you want. 

10-Must Have Snacks

These are some snacks and drinks you need to consider because they are highly popular:

Chocolate Candy

Chocolate candy is the absolute best for visitors with a sweet tooth, and many guests have one. Be sure to stock up on pure Hershey bars if you want to sell out fast. 

Breath Mints

Breath mints aren’t a snack, per se, but your guests will look for them to freshen up their mouths during long waits or work shifts. 


Gum is always the preferred breath freshener because it lasts longer, so don’t forget to add a row of a popular brand.

Potato Chips

Chips are delicious and fulfilling and perfect for taking the edge off when break time is hours away. 


Protein bars can give any person an energy boost at the right time. Make sure you put some of those in the mix. 


Health-conscious visitors will look for nuts because they contain nutrients and aren’t fattening. 


Crackers are suitable for filling the stomach with substances while on the go. Try to get the ones with peanut butter and offer more calories to your guests. 


Gummies are excellent for children. Enough said. 

Orange or Apple Juice

Offer one of these drinks as an alternative to soda because some guests can’t drink it. 


Everyone needs water, and it should be available in the machine. 

Choose from this list of good snacks for your vending machine. You can make out well if you select a winning combination. 

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