Ways Hotel Operations Benefit from Vending Management

Hotels are designed to keep guests as comfortable as possible, and that means meeting their needs in a timely fashion. Especially for travelers, who may be coming from a different time zone or who may be arriving or returning late at night, having a gift shop or store open and staffed by an employee isn’t always an easy—or even possible—solution. That’s where micro markets in Dallas, TX come in.

A micro market is basically similar to a group of vending machines, which is designed to function as a 24/7, automated convenience store. This setup uses self-checkout, and can be stocked with snacks, beverages, retail items or even hot food and coffee available at the touch of a button without having to have a kitchen or even an employee to cook or take cash.
In addition to customer service, hotels have to worry about their bottom line. The good news is that micro markets can help with that, too. Here’s why you should reach out to a micro market company in Dallas, TX to help you install a micro market in your hotel.

Revenue management
When you’re running a hotel, one of the most important things to keep track of is where your money is coming from. Micro markets help streamline this aspect of hotel management by eliminating the need for keeping track of a gift shop or convenience store on the premises. There’s no need to keep track of employee hours, mop the floor or watch out for shoplifters. Micro markets aren’t just a one-stop shop for your guests—they’re a one-stop shop for you, too. You can see how much money is being brought in, how much it costs to stock and maintain the “store” and know who is managing it, all through the one external company.

Streamline customer service
While micro markets may look a little different, they effectively and accurately address customer needs with a minimal physical footprint. Nobody wants to have to hunt for items in a densely packed store, looking through both sides of the aisles, on every shelf, to find something they might need, especially if they’re in a hurry or very tired. With a micro market, everything is right in front of you in a well-lit, easy-to-purchase presentation. Customers can use cash, cards or mobile options like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. And while traditional vending machines usually can hold about 40 products, micro markets can stock between 150 and 400 products.

Maximize employee efficiency
It takes time to keep track of inventory, stock shelves and assist customers in a traditional convenience store setting. That’s time your employees could be spending focusing on other tasks, like improving the guest experience or paying more attention to keeping everything extra clean and sanitized. By having a micro market company in Dallas, TX handle your automated vending machine sales, you won’t be adding to the list of tasks your employees have to worry about, and let them focus on the most important part of their jobs: customer service.
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