The Pros and Cons of Micro Markets

A new trend among office buildings these days is installing micro markets instead of traditional vending machines. Like vending machines, micro markets allow employees to grab a quick lunch or snack without leaving the office. However, they provide a greater variety of food options for employees.

Micro markets have a ton of advantages over vending machines and other similar offerings, but they’re certainly not perfect. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of choosing micro markets for food service in Dallas, TX.

Advantages of micro markets

Since this post is about micro markets, let’s start with the pros of ditching your vending machines and upgrading to a micro market for your office:

  • Wide variety of food: As we just touched on, micro markets can typically offer a lot more options than a vending machine. The type of micro market you choose is up to you, but you can offer everything from bags of chips to fresh fruit, sandwiches, yogurt and even dessert.
  • Higher-quality products: You may see fruit or sandwiches in a regular vending machine, but nobody knows how long they’ve been sitting in there! When you choose ABC Vending Co. for your food service in Dallas, TX, you can rest easy knowing that your micro market will always have fresh and healthy food.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Micro markets simply look a lot better than a row of vending machines. All of the fresh food on display in your office building presents a sleek look for your company, which can impress visitors and even help land clients. Our team at ABC Vending Co. only installs the best-looking micro markets, which are sure to be a great fit for your building.

Downsides of micro markets

Micro markets might not be for every company. These are a few of the reasons some customers might prefer to stick with vending machines:

  • Micro markets are cashless: The micro markets we install and operate are all cashless. That’s beneficial for people who never have any paper money or coins on them, but it’s possible for cashless systems can crash. If a cashless system goes down, employees obviously won’t be able to grab their lunch or a snack to help get them through the day.
  • Larger space requirements: You can put vending machines practically anywhere in an office building. That’s not the case with a micro market. Installing a micro market in Dallas, TX requires more space than a vending machine, so it may not be right for every office building.
  • More expensive than alternatives: One benefit of vending machines is that they’re cheap. Although the food often isn’t very healthy, employees can grab a quick snack for less than a dollar. That’s not always the case with a micro market. Since they’re fresh and healthy, the food and drinks in micro markets tend to cost a bit more.

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