An Overview of the Top Vending Machine Repairs

Here’s a familiar situation: You’ve got a craving for a snack, but you don’t have any food with you, and a trip to a store or restaurant would be inconvenient. Then you see it: it’s a vending machine, stocked with any snack, treat or drink you could want!

There’s just one problem: the vending machine isn’t working properly. Maybe it won’t accept your money, the snack gets stuck on the way down or the item you want is completely out of stock.

If you’ve ever run into one of these common vending machine problems in Dallas, TX, then you know how frustrating they can be! And if you own a building that has vending machines in it, then you know a problem with the machine can mean a potential revenue loss as well.

Fortunately, vending machine repair companies in Dallas, TX are here to help. Here’s an overview of some of the most common vending machine problems our team deals with.

Not accepting bills

You’ve probably run into this issue before: the vending machine simply won’t accept your dollar bills, particularly if they’re wrinkled. Another common issue associated with this problem is that sometimes vending machines fail to give the proper change.

If this happens often enough, then pretty soon customers are going to stop relying on your vending machine. Fortunately, it’s an easy issue to fix for experienced vending machine repair companies!

Out of stock

This isn’t really a repair issue, so much as it is a maintenance one. If you fail to have your vending machine serviced regularly, then soon you’ll be running out of the most popular snacks and drinks—and your machine will be left to languish, unused.

This is why you should always make sure your vending machine is on a regular maintenance schedule.

Items are sticking

This is perhaps the most infuriating of all the common vending machine problems. The customer has already selected and paid for their item, and then it gets stuck on the way out of the machine!

But don’t worry—this is an easy fix. Typically, it just comes down to replacing an old part, and can easily be addressed. If you trust one of the best vending machine repair companies in Dallas, TX, then this problem won’t be an issue for long.

The door gets stuck

This is also a particularly frustrating issue: the item has arrived at the bottom of the machine, but the door to the slot is stuck, meaning the customer can’t retrieve their snack.

This is another one of those common vending machine problems that usually just requires a quick tune-up from an experienced professional to fix.

Here to help

Is your vending machine giving you trouble, and driving customers away? Are you unhappy with the vending machine repair companies you’ve tried in the past?

Don’t let these common vending machine problems affect your bottom line—instead, you can trust the team at ABC Vending Co. in Dallas, TX. We’ve got years of experience working with vending machines, and will help ensure that your vending machine problems won’t stay problems for long.

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