Eight Benefits of Micro Markets vs. Cafeterias

Have you been considering putting a cafeteria in your office building or other commercial property? This is a significant investment in both money and space, so before you plow ahead, consider an alternative option: a micro market.

Here are just a few examples of some of the biggest micro market benefits for your Dallas, TX business, and why you should consider choosing a micro market instead of a cafeteria:

  • Fast and easy: Micro markets offer a fast and easy grab-and-go option for employees. People are always in search of convenient eating options in the workplace, so the ability to get up, grab a meal or a snack and do it quickly without having to wait in a long line is a big benefit.
  • Constant availability: Unlike cafeterias, which must be staffed, micro markets typically do not require staffing and thus can be made available 24/7. This makes them a highly beneficial option for facilities that are open around the clock, such as manufacturing facilities, hospitals and more.
  • Lower upfront cost: Cafeterias require some significant upfront costs to get up and running. In addition to remodeling or building out the space, you’ll need to purchase all of the appliances, washing stations, coolers, etc. Micro markets only need some coolers, shelving, a kiosk and an internet connection—there’s nowhere near the amount of investment required to get a micro market up and running as there is with a cafeteria.
  • Location versatility: Micro markets are able to serve a wider range of locations than cafeterias, which must be larger and will require hundreds of employees on site for the investment to be worthwhile. Micro markets can serve smaller businesses and be placed in a wider range of locations on the premises, because they do not take up as much space.
  • Lower staffing costs: We already mentioned the fact that there is no additional staffing necessary on site for a micro market. Not only does this allow 24/7 operation, but it also prevents your business from having to hire additional employees and take on the payroll costs associated with doing so.
  • Mix of options: Micro markets allow businesses to offer their employees a wide range of food options and products that will be able to have a good shelf life. They can also include some other items employees may need, such as chargers, electronics and other supplies for their jobs.
  • Less waste: Cafeterias in general produce much more waste than micro markets, specifically when it comes to food waste. Reducing the amount of waste you create is an important benefit to consider when choosing between a micro market and a cafeteria.
  • Bulk buying options: Prepackaged products for micro markets can easily be purchased in bulk, saving your business money due to volume discounts when you place orders to stock the markets at your facilities.

Interested in learning more about some of the biggest benefits of micro markets over other workplace cafeteria options in Dallas, TX? We encourage you to contact ABC Vending Co. with any questions you have.

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