Transitioning from Traditional Vending Machines to Micro Markets

Vending machines have been providing quick snacks and drinks to hungry employees in offices worldwide for decades, but there’s a new player in the snack industry: micro markets.

Keep reading to learn the differences between micro markets and traditional vending machines and how to transition towards one.

What is a micro market?

We should start by explaining what a micro market is. A micro market is essentially a self-service convenience store. Although they can come in any number of sizes and hold a ton of different products, they typically feature an open-rack display, refrigerator, freezer and a self-checkout kiosk.

Customers can walk into a micro market, grab their food and beverage and pay at the kiosk using a credit or debit card. It’s a fast and easy way for your employees or clients to get a full meal without leaving the office.

The differences between micro markets and traditional vending machines

At the end of the day, both micro markets and vending machines aim to feed hungry employees or clients—but that’s where the similarities end. Here are the main differences between the two:

  • Higher volume of products: The biggest difference between the two is that micro markets have more food and drink options. Micro markets often have everything from cold sandwiches and salads to cup coffee machines.
  • Healthier food options: The candy bars and chips in a vending machine are tasty, but they’re not healthy substitutes for lunch. You can stock your micro market with fresh sandwiches and even vegetables to give employees easy access to a healthy meal. This is great for employees on a diet or those with dietary restrictions.
  • Easy payment options: There’s no more fumbling to insert a crinkled dollar bill into a vending machine with a micro market. The self-service kiosk accepts credit and debit cards, and some even allow employees to set up a prepaid account to pay for their items by simply entering a pin code.

Moving from traditional vending machines to micro markets

Transitioning away from a row of vending machines isn’t as difficult as it seems. These are the steps to take to set up your micro market:

  • Create space: You’ll need to start by creating a space for your micro market. As we mentioned earlier, they can come in a variety of sizes, but you’ll need to ensure there’s space for all the items you wish to carry as well as room for the self-service checkout kiosk.
  • Find a vendor: You don’t want to deal with the hassle of stocking a micro market by yourself, so your next move is to find a reputable vendor. Look for a team that carries a wide variety of items and is able to restock your micro market on a regular basis to ensure the refrigerated foods don’t spoil.

If you’re ready to start feeding everyone fresh, healthy foods at the office, talk to our team at ABC Vending Co. We’ll help you set up your micro market, and we’ll stock it with the freshest and healthiest drinks and foods available. Give us a call today to get a quote or to learn more about moving from traditional vending machines to micro markets.

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