Vending Machine Repairs and Improvement

Common Problems You May Incur With Vending Machines

Vending machines have several moving parts and issues with any one of these can cause your machine to stop working or not work correctly. As with any piece of equipment, it is important to know when professional repairs are needed as some common issues you encounter may not require professional assistance. Repairing vending machines can be simple if the issue is something like dirt causing the keypad to stick, snacks are not set correctly in the machine, or the machine is simply not plugged in.

Knowing When to Call a Professional

More severe problems you may encounter with vending machines include not taking payments, not issuing the correct change, products getting stuck once purchased, and the vending door sticking. Any of these issues can cause customers to stop using your machine, as it is unreliable. Issues such as these should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the loss of sales. These types of mechanical and part issues often require professional assistance and repairs to properly address. 

Improvements You Can Make to Maximize Sales

In addition to repairs, you should also ask yourself, "How can a vending machine be improved?" because you may not be making the most optimal use of your machines. While this list may seem basic, these fundamentals are key to getting the most out of your vending machines and engaging customers.

  • Stock your machines with popular items as this improves sales. As customer wants often change, be sure to pay attention to sales figures and popular trends in the snack and beverage industry.
  • Always keep your machine fully stocked as a machine that is out of its most popular items is one that is losing sales. There is also a psychological element, as a half-empty machine looks like it is not well maintained and may cause a potential customer to have second thoughts.
  • Related to the above is the appearance of the vending machine itself. Be sure to keep it clean, well-kept and in a busy area. An extra level of care communicates trust to consumers. 
  • Finally, be sure to keep up on maintenance, as machines not giving out change or getting stuck will simply frustrate customers and may cause them to not use your vending machines in the future.

Final Thoughts

Your business’s vending machines provide a useful service and, as long as they are well maintained and serviced, are easy to deal with as a part of your daily business activities. By paying attention to your stock, responding to customer feedback and knowing when to call a professional, you ensure your vending machines will continue to provide reliable service now and in the future.

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