How to Get a Vending Machine for Your Office

Vending machines are easy, convenient ways for you and your employees to stay caffeinated or hydrated and ward off hunger—and working with a vending machine service in Dallas, TX is just as easy. With a little thought and planning, you can get your office set up with its own personal snack and drink station. It just takes a few steps, especially when you work with an experienced full-service company like ABC Vending Co. Here’s how the process works.

  • Decide what kind of vending machine you want: There are many different kinds of vending machines, ranging from the traditional canned or bottled soda dispensers to fresh food options. You can also get vending machines for things other than food and drink, if your office has a need for different kinds of provisions. Talk to your employees and ask them what they’d be most interested in having.
  • Choose your brands, flavors or options: Next, you need to decide what will go in your vending machine—we suggest sending out a survey to your employees to determine where there’s a demand. Some offices are very health-conscious, while others might prefer energy drinks and candy. After you’ve polled your employees, you’ll be able to see what’s most desirable. (This may change over time, if certain products aren’t selling.)
  • Find the right spot: You need a space that is at least 72” x 38” x 35”, in a high-traffic area—if your vending machine is hidden or inconvenient to visit, people will choose easier options. Office kitchens and break rooms are often a good spot for vending machines, but your choice will ultimately depend on your specific building and layout.
  • Talk with a vending machine provider: Now it’s time to research vending machine companies in Dallas, TX. Once you find a few companies that look like they offer the services and products you want, interview each of them and check references and reviews. Talking to several companies allows you to get a sense of who offers the best deals for your needs, and will let you know what you can expect from each company. For example, how often are the machines restocked? What are the payment plans and contracts like? Who is responsible for maintenance and repair, and how long can you expect to wait before a repair technician can come service your machines? How often can you change out the products?
  • Schedule your installation: Finally, once you have chosen a company to work with, you’ll schedule an installation. This can take up to seven to 10 business days, depending on how busy the company is and whether their schedule conflicts with yours. Try to give them plenty of notice so you’re able to get the machine you want, when you want it.

Vending machines are customizable and convenient—your employees will love having the option for quick snacks and drinks. To learn more about ABC Vending Co.’s services, pricing and installation schedule, reach out to our vending machine company in Dallas, TX today.

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