Vending Machine Snacks for Your Low-Carb Diet

Carbs are the enemy of many diets, but they often make up the bulk of snack options in vending machines. That means those folks on keto, Atkins, South Beach or any of the numerous low-carb, weight-loss focused lifestyles are out of luck when it comes to finding a convenient snack. When it’s the only option in the office, at a motel or late at night, having a wide variety of options for vending machines in Dallas, TX is a good idea. Even better, low-carb snacks usually come with the added bonus of being high in protein.

There are many forms of jerky, but they all share one common trait: they’re made entirely of meat, and therefore are low carb and high protein. There are many different ways that this tasty meat snack comes to us. First off, there’s the tube form, like a Slim Jim. There are also more rustic-looking options, those that look like cuts of beef that have been seasoned or marinated and then simply dried. Even within those, there are options for chewy and soft versions. Finally, there are bags of jerky, like classic Oberto pieces—great for snacking and sharing.

Pork rinds
Another kind of meaty low-carb snack is pork rinds. These fried pork skins are super crunchy, intensely flavorful and satisfying. These are especially good for keto diets, as they not only have zero carbs, but are also high in fat. Some brands come with salsa or other additions to make them even tastier.

You might be surprised to learn that in 2017, Dallas was named one of the cities with the highest population of vegetarians in the nation. That same year, it was also named as the “eighth-best vegan city” by vegan lifestyle magazine VegNews. Naturally, you should capitalize on this need by stocking some low-carb vegetarian options in your vending machine menu. Peanuts and almonds are an easy and filling low-carb option, and they come in many flavors. Pistachios are another delicious and vegetarian-friendly low-carb snack. These nuts are not only meat-free, but depending on the flavor, they are often vegan-friendly as well.

Protein bars
There are many different kinds of snack bars available, and many of these are focused on providing a high amount of protein. This is especially handy for people who might not have time for a full meal. There are plenty of low-carb options for protein bars, in several different flavors. The most popular flavor tends to be chocolate, which turns it from just a snack into a sweet treat. Some low-carb lifestyles count low-glycemic carbs differently, so take that into consideration when reading the nutrition information on protein bars. Not all carbs are created equal, and the packaging will often tell you what percentage of the carbs are low glycemic.

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