Should Your Hotel Use Vending Machines or a Micro Market?

The vending machine is a staple of hotels across the country, and vending machines in Dallas, TX are no exception. But the world is changing, and now there are alternatives to vending machines. One of those alternatives is micro markets. Here are the pros and cons of hotel vending machines and micro markets in Dallas, TX.
Hotel vending machine pros

Easy setup: There aren’t any aisles, design challenges or construction required to install most vending machines. All you need is the space and a place to plug in for power. The equipment can be installed quickly and with minimal intrusion on day-to-day operations at your hotel.

They’re free: Not only do you not have to worry about design or construction, but full-service vending machines don’t cost you a dime. Vending companies provide installation and service free of charge.

Passive income: There’s nothing like sitting back and watching the money roll in, and vending machines can make that glorious fantasy come true. With enough volume in sales at your location, most vending companies will pay commissions based on a percentage of revenue generated from the machine or machines they provide to your hotel.

Hotel vending machine cons

Aesthetics: If your hotel has a specific look and feel, or recently had an interior design overhaul, vending machines may not blend in with the surroundings. This can be especially true if your vending company does not have the latest models.

It’s a machine: Just like all machines, sometimes there are mechanical problems that can occur in vending machines. Sometimes they take your money and don’t dispense a product. Sometimes you don’t get the item you chose. And like any machine, sometimes they break down.

Micro market benefits

Variety: With more space and size options, there is the opportunity for more variety in a micro market or hotel pantry setup. Where space is still at a premium, there is more opportunity to offer larger products and a larger selection of goods.

Visually attractive: A micro market looks more like a traditional market, and is more inviting than a vending machine. It is a visual upgrade and can be a bright spot in or near your hotel lobby.

Higher markup: There is the possibility to make more money with a micro market if you adjust your markup accordingly. After all, there’s no substitute for convenience.

No breakdowns: Since it’s not a machine, a hotel pantry or micro market will have fewer service issues, and won’t take anyone’s money without giving a product in return.
Micro market drawbacks

Time management: A micro market takes more time to manage and maintain than vending machines. You will need to buy your own merchandise and stock the shelves yourself, unless you contract with a company to help.

Expensive installation: Installing a hotel pantry means buying shelving and counters, and sometimes paying a contractor to handle the construction and installation.

Approval required: The footprint and operation of a micro market is something that will likely need to be looked over and approved by ownership or upper management before being installed.

When you’re ready to explore vending machines and hotel pantry micro markets in Dallas, TX, call ABC Vending Co. to get started.

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