How to Know if Your Vending Machine Needs to Be Repaired

A losing battle with the office vending machine can ruin your day. When you’re hungry, the last thing you want is to stare longingly at a display of snacks with no way to access them. If employees run across the following problems, you’ll need to do some vending machine troubleshooting. Fortunately, a supplier in Dallas, TX can provide vending machine repairs for problems you can’t resolve on your own.

Rejected bills and coins

Everyone understands the frustration of going on their break only to find that the vending machine spits their money back out. The only thing worse is when the machine doesn’t give it back, and also doesn’t give you your snack! If this is happening in your workplace, the only way to fix the issue is by scheduling an appointment for vending machine repairs.

A vending machine rejects money either because it can’t return proper change or the bill acceptors are broken. These issues require help from an expert. Your supplier in Dallas, TX can offer help with vending machine troubleshooting and quickly resolve the problem.

Overheating machines

Vending machines shouldn’t overheat, especially if they’re supposed to dispense cold beverages. You’ll know when a machine overheats because the bottles inside will be hot. Employees might report the problem themselves, which is a definite sign you need to schedule a repair.

First, check how close the vending machine is to the wall. It should have six inches of clearance for proper ventilation. Call your supplier in Dallas, TX if the machine still overheats after pulling it away from the wall. The machine could have a faulty thermostat or busted cooling fan.

Empty food slots

If the vending machines are empty, they might as well be broken! You know it’s time to restock when all that’s left are the unwanted packs of gum. Lack of merchandise doesn’t call for vending machine repairs, but your supplier should visit on a regular basis to keep the slots full. This is also a good time for them to perform preventative maintenance and take care of any necessary repairs.

Before scheduling a refill, ask your employees to complete a quick survey about their favorite snacks. A vending machine won’t be a very good investment if it’s filled with food nobody likes. Make sure it has a little something for everyone, including healthy options.

Power outage

It doesn’t take much vending machine troubleshooting to realize when the power cuts out. If the rest of your office remains unaffected by this power outage, that means a complex electrical issue is at play within the machine. Vending machines that won’t turn on shouldn’t be tampered with and instead left to the professionals.

The power outage could mean your workplace needs a vending machine replacement. However, you can extend the life of vending machines with consistent maintenance so trained experts can stop problems before they arise. It’s worth spending a little on maintenance, because that costs much less than replacing the machine altogether.

A vending machine mishap is bound to happen from time to time. When it does, you can count on the professionals at ABC Vending Co. We service every type of vending machine in the industry, including the latest models with chip readers. Send a quick message to let us know how we can assist you!

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