The Three Basic Vending Machines Your Break Room Needs

Have you considered installing vending machines in your break room? Some business owners erroneously think that stocking and installing vending machines is too much of a hassle to bother with, but when you work with a great vending machine company, it’s a smart way to keep your employees happy and on the premises—and earn a little extra money at the same time. There are three basic break room vending machines that your Dallas, TX workplace needs.

Snack vending machines

Your employees will inevitably get hungry while they’re on the job, which leaves them with three options. They could go grab a snack during their break, which can take more time than they have. Alternatively, they could go hungry, which is not only unpleasant for them, but will negatively affect their performance. Or, if you install a snack vending machine, they can grab a snack at work. These machines are usually stocked with candy, crackers, pretzels and other non-perishable items. The vending machine company installs the machine and restocks when you reorder supplies.

Beverage vending machines

Sometimes we need caffeine, water or just a flavorful pick-me-up to keep going throughout the day. Soda and beverage vending machines are the most popular option, which makes it easy for your employees to grab a drink when they need it. Not only does this cut down on impromptu Starbucks runs, but it keeps your workers happy (and awake) during work hours. This type of machine can dispense everything from bottled water to canned iced coffee, soda and energy drinks.

Again, your vending machine company installs the machine, and you’ll be in charge of ordering restocking supplies. If you only have room for one machine, this is the one to pick.

Cold food vending machines

Finally, cold food vending machines are a great way to provide lunch options on the premises. This is a good way to offer food beyond crackers, chips and candy. Instead, you can provide perishable cold food like sandwiches, yogurt, pudding and microwaveable items. Anyone who’s forgotten their lunch will be grateful for a simple and convenient option.

Cold food vending machines are less of a financial investment than they used to be, and they can turn a nice profit if you stock them with items your employees love. Many companies find that cold food vending machines keep their workers happy—plus, since they won’t need to leave for lunch, they’re less likely to come back late.

Whichever kind of vending machine(s) you install, it’s crucial that you talk to your vending machine company about who is responsible for reordering. Depending on the company, you might be able to schedule routine restocking. Other times, the responsibility will be up to you. Keeping your machine stocked is the key to making a profit, so find out what duties will be on your plate.

If you have questions about installing vending machines for break rooms in Dallas, TX, call ABC Vending Co. today. We can help you decide which machines are right for you.

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