Vending Machines and Their Rich History

Everybody loves vending machines. They are an oasis after long trips on the road, and perfect for grabbing a snack when you’re in a hurry. But have you ever wondered where vending machines began? Vending machines actually have a rich and interesting history that dates back to Ancient Greece!

Before vending machines were found all over malls and amusement parks, they were available in Egyptian temples and other interesting places. Read on to learn more about the interesting history of vending machines.

The first vending machine

When looking at the vending machine in your Dallas, TX school or office, you might find yourself wondering, “When were vending machines invented?” Hero of Alexander, who was a famous Greek mathematician, actually created the first machine that would eventually become the vending machine in your Dallas, TX school. The vending machine that Hero of Alexander made was actually made to dispense holy water in exchange for money.

The 1600s to the 1900s

Vending machines popped up all over the place between the years 1600 and 1900. For a while, taverns in England featured brass vending machines that dispensed tobacco. Stamp dispensing vending machines and even a vending machine that dispensed banned books were also invented during this time period.

Vending machines that dispense items through the use of inserting coins made their first appearance in the late 1800s. These machines first appeared in London, England, and dispensed postcards. Soon, more and more products became available for purchase through coin-operated vending machines, including envelopes and paper.

Vending machines in the United States

It was the late 1800s when vending machines first came to the United States. Invented by the Thomas Adams Gum Company, early American vending machines dispensed gumballs and were often found in train stations. The Pulver Manufacturing Company would later use this technology to dispense toys and games. Cigars and stamps would also become items popularly sold through vending machines.

Now mostly known for dispensing sodas and snacks, vending machines that featured bottled drinks didn’t appear until the late 1930s. Before this, vending machines would dispense certain drinks by releasing the liquid into a cup held below. Cigarettes were being sold through vending machines around the same time.

Vending machines today

These days, vending machines are found all over the world. While there are still plenty of cash-operated vending machines, many take cards and even Apple Pay. Vending machines today feature new technology that earlier generations likely never even dreamed about. They’re not even made for just food and drinks anymore.

In modern vending machines, you can find almost anything, including coffee, cigarettes, full meals and much more. There are machines that dispense prizes, books and French fries. In Atlanta, there’s even a vending machine that will dispense a car!

Who knows how much vending machines will change in the future? They started from the first vending machine in Ancient Greece to the technologically advanced one in your Dallas, TX office. If you’re interested in having a vending machine installed, contact ABC Vending Co. today!

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