Specialty Coffee vs. Store-Bought Coffee

Coffee can be found all over the place these days, including in hospitals, stores and through coffee vending machines. It’s a hot debate whether there’s a real difference between store-bought coffee and specialty coffee. Specialty coffee is the coffee you’ll find in local cafes and through online retailers. Commercial coffee, or store-bought coffee, can often be found already ground up and available in bulk supplies. Popular commercial coffee brands include Folgers, Dunkin’ and Maxwell House.

Both types of coffee are good in their own ways. If you’re looking to experience a variety of flavors, then specialty coffee might be the way to go. When you’re more worried about price, you’ll usually find that commercial coffee has the better deals. If you’re wondering which type of fresh roasted coffee is better for your Dallas, TX home or office, read on for some tips.

Differences in roasting

It’s near impossible to find coffee beans in your Dallas, TX grocery store that were roasted in the same way as roaster or specialty coffee beans. With specialty coffee, the beans are usually roasted with gas or fire while in a large container. Specialty coffee beans are roasted at a slow rate with a controlled temperature. To some, this method gives specialty coffee a better taste than store-bought coffee.

When it comes to commercial coffee, the beans are often roasted at high temperatures for shorter periods of time. Commercial coffee beans are also roasted in much higher quantities to ensure production goals are met.

Which stays fresh longer?

Many people claim that specialty coffees stay fresh longer simply because they’re sold as beans. The layer of protection that the bean provides is lost when the coffee is ground up. So, it stands to reason that your coffee will stay fresh longer if you wait until the last minute to grind it.

Which has more varieties?

There is a huge variety of both commercial and specialty types of coffee. Common varieties of coffee that you might see in the supermarket include breakfast blend, dark roast, light roast and more. That said, you’ll often find that specialty coffees come in more varieties. With specialty coffees, you can often choose based on the beans’ country of origin as well as the type of roast.

All these varieties range in flavor and the amount of caffeine they contain. If you buy coffee for a specific purpose, like staying awake through the work day, do plenty of research on which variety will work best for your needs.

Which is more expensive?

The price of coffee is a big deal for many people, especially if you drink a lot of it. Since commercial coffee is available in bulk, it’s usually the cheaper option. Specialty coffee is sometimes quite expensive due to the extra labor and care put into the picking, roasting and packaging processes. There are many inexpensive types of specialty coffee out there, however. And commercial coffee can sometimes be quite expensive as well, especially if you’re buying coffee pods all the time.

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