Why Your Workplace Needs a Vending Machine

Imagine sitting at your desk, working away until your stomach growls. Now all you can think about is how hungry you are. If your company doesn’t have a vending machine, you’re out of luck. But hunger isn’t the only motivation behind making snacks available onsite. Here are just a few of the many reasons why your office should get vending machines.

Zero overhead costs

Vending machines can work on their own. Unlike a canteen, they don’t require employees to keep watch over the inventory and run transactions. Companies won’t have to pay for someone to stand at a canteen all day or worry about that person calling in sick at the last minute. Employees can access snacks and beverages 24/7 with no extra cost to the company.

What’s more, vending machines are low maintenance. Companies with canteens or mini marts are constantly paying personnel to restock the shelves. However, vending machines can go a full month before needing to fill up on more snacks and beverages. Besides the occasional maintenance, you’re free to let vending machines do their thing with minimal upkeep.

Increased productivity

Productivity is a huge motivating factor for why your office should get vending machines. When employees are hungry, it’s difficult to complete work on time. They need a quick and easy way to refuel their energy so that midafternoon slump doesn’t interrupt their focus. Vending machines have evolved to offer freshly brewed coffee and healthy options, which increases productivity even more.

Other vending machine benefits include cutting down break times. Without readily available snacks and beverages, employees would have to leave their place of work and find the nearest coffee shop. The commute and waiting in line could take nearly half an hour! Vending machines are just a quick stroll down the hallway and allow employees to get back to work faster.

Happy employees

If you’re wondering, “Should my office get vending machines?” the answer is still yes! Any employee would jump at the opportunity to have a vending machine in their workplace. You can increase employee satisfaction even more by asking them to complete a poll of their favorite snacks. Companies have the ability to customize which products are stocked in the vending machines, allowing you to offer a blend of healthy alternatives to go with the salty or sugary treats.

Vending machine benefits aren’t limited to optimizing the company’s budget and productivity levels. They promote a fun, positive environment that makes employees excited to go to work. Accessible snack options encourage workers to take their breaks onsite, and hanging out in the break room can help build stronger relationships. When employees are happy, they produce better quality work and tend to stay with the company for the long haul.

The choice is obvious—if your workplace doesn’t already have a vending machine, now is the time to get one. To learn more about vending machine benefits, ask the experts at ABC Vending Co. We’re a leading provider of vending machines and can get your company set up with one that caters to every employee’s taste. Once you install a vending machine, you’ll wonder how the company ever got by without it!

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