Why Do Micro Markets Exist?

For years, employees’ main food options while at work were to bring their own snacks, go out to eat at a nearby restaurant or grab something from a boring vending machine. Thankfully, those days are through—micro markets are becoming increasingly popular in offices throughout the country.

What is a micro market?

A micro market is essentially a mini convenience store in your office space. Micro markets have open coolers and shelves where folks can grab their chosen snacks, quickly pay with a credit card and be on their way.

Due to all of the advantages over standard vending machines, micro markets are all the rage these days. Continue reading to learn why your office should have a micro market.

Quick and convenient

Many employees don’t have much time to themselves throughout the day—running out to grab lunch isn’t always an option. That’s where micro markets can save the day. They’re grab-and-go operations, and there’s no need to even leave the office building. The hardest part of shopping at a micro market is choosing which food you want to eat!

Easy payment

Another reason why your office should have a micro market is that the payment options are easier than ever. Instead of inserting coins or bills into a vending machine, micro markets utilize a debit and credit card processing system. So even if you don’t have cash, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh snacks and refreshing beverages.

Tons of food and beverage options

It’s true that vending machines now offer more food and beverage options than ever before, but their small size means employees have far fewer options than they do with a micro market. From wraps and sandwiches to fresh fruits, you can have your micro market stocked with anything you want.

Our team at ABC Vending Co. specializes in stocking micro markets with a wide variety of foods and beverages to keep all of your employees happy.

Energy saving

A wall of vending machines uses up a lot more energy than you’d think, drastically increasing your electric bills while taxing the environment. A micro market uses up to 70 percent less energy than your current vending machines, so you’ll save tons of money throughout the year. You can also be proud to say your office is more environmentally friendly.

No breakdowns

We’ve all walked up to a vending machine and felt dismayed when we saw that the vending machine was broken or our chosen items got stuck. Because the shelves and coolers are open in a micro market, there’s no chance that the micro market will be out of service when you’re on the hunt for some snacks.

Along with always having access to fresh snacks with a micro market, property managers will never have to pay for expensive vending machine repairs.

Get your micro market today

Now that more employees are coming back into the office, it’s a good time to invest in a micro market. At ABC Vending Co., we specialize in installing micro markets and stocking them with the highest-quality foods. Give us a call today to have a fresh micro market installed in your workspace.

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