Do Micro Markets Improve Office Morale?

Do micro markets improve morale? What should you stock your micro market with? And what even is a micro market? These are just a few of the questions we get on a daily basis. As leaders in the micro market industry, our team at ABC Vending Co. has all of the answers to your questions.

What are micro markets?

Let’s start with the basics. A micro market is a miniature convenience store that can be installed essentially anywhere in your office building. Unlike vending machines, which require cash or coins to purchase goods from a glass case, micro market items are stocked on an open shelf or cooler and are available for purchase with a debit or credit card.

Will one improve employee morale?

After folks understand what micro markets are, the next question they ask is, “Do micro markets improve morale?” The answer is yes! Micro markets boost morale in the following ways:

  • Convenience: One of the main ways micro markets boost morale is by providing a convenient way for your employees to buy food. Instead of running out to grab fast food or packing their own lunch, folks have an easy way to get tasty snacks right from the office.
  • More options: Vending machine sizes are larger than they used to be, but your snack and beverage options are still quite limited—chips, candy and sodas are typically the only choices. That’s not the case with micro markets, which can be stocked with full breakfasts, lunches or even dinners.
  • Healthier foods: Another reason to choose micro markets is that they’re stocked with tons of healthy choices. When employees are able to eat fresh fruits and nutritious sandwiches, their overall mood tends to improve. Additionally, they’re less likely to get sick and take time off when they’re able to grab something healthy to eat while at work.

What snacks should you stock?

Everyone also wants to know what are the best snacks to have in your micro market. After all, there’s no point in keeping a micro market around if employees don’t like what’s in it. Here are a few things to consider stocking:

  • Daytime-specific foods: As we just touched on, many micro markets are stocked with breakfasts, lunches and even dinners for overnight employees. Giving employees more options with these daytime-specific options is sure to make them happier while at work.
  • Regional brands: We also recommend stocking some local favorites instead of just bringing in big national brands. Many regional brands are comfort foods for employees, which can relieve stress and put everyone in a better mood.
  • Employee favorites: Consider sending out a poll to see what employees like to eat. You’ll see smiles light up after stocking your micro market with some staff favorites.

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Elevate your on-site snacks by getting a micro market today—and be sure to choose ABC Vending Co. for installation and stocking. Low prices and a variety of food and beverage options set us apart from the competition. Contact us today to learn about your options or to hear what are the best snacks for micro markets.

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