Questions To Ask a Potential Vending Machine Supplier

Installing vending machines at your facility is an excellent idea with high potential. You’ll need to contact a reputable vending machine company and ask a few questions to reserve some good machines. These are 10 questions to ask a potential vending machine supplier:

What Machine Types Do You Offer?

The first question is which types of vending machines the company offers. You can choose candy, snacks, drinks, or something else to accommodate your visitors and employees. 

Which Areas Do You Service?

You’ll need to know which areas the vending machine company services to find out if they can assist you in your area. If not, they may have information about another provider or a sub-company that can offer machines to you. 

Who Performs Machine Maintenance?

You’ll also need to ask about machine maintenance and who takes care of cleaning, maintaining, and fixing the unit. Knowing beforehand can help reduce the machine’s downtime if you have an emergency. 

How Much Do You Control the Vending Machine?

Asking the vending machine company who has control over the machine is an excellent way to get an idea of how involved you’ll need to be with it. You can find out this information by bringing up the subject during your consultation. 

What Are the Prices?

Ask the potential vending machine provider about the prices to determine if they are within your budget. If so, you can continue gathering information about available machines that meet your pricing limits. 

What Makes a Good Vending Machine Location?

You might want to get some advice about which vending locations are the best for you. Your goal should be to profit as much as possible while providing your guests with access to satisfying snacks to eat and drink. 

What Are the Specifications Needed for the Vending Machine?

You will need to know the machine’s specifications to determine whether it can fit inside your establishment well. You’ll also need to know this information if you have to purchase parts for the machine. 

Does the Machine Come With a Manual?

Users manuals are essential documents that teach you how to take care of a vending machine. You’ll want to ask the vending machine company if their machines also come with those. 

How Many Items Go in Each Coil?

Knowing how many items fit into each coil is essential to understanding what you can offer your visitors. Knowing this coil fulfillment number will help you plan your inventory orders. 

What Type of Money Does This Machine Accept?

Vending machines are capable of taking various payment types. You need to ask the company which payment methods their devices take so that you can choose the most suitable machines for your guests. Vending machines take credit cards, cash, Google Pay, and other methods. You’ll need to do demographic studies to learn which machines will best suit your visitors. 

Those are the top 10 questions to ask a potential vending machine company. You can feel confident about choosing a reliable vending machine if you ask those questions before purchasing anything. 

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