What Are the Most Popular Snacks and Drinks for Vending Machines?

Knowing which snacks are best for your vending machine is the key to success. Continue reading for more information on the most popular vending machine snacks and how much stocking you should do:

How Many Snacks and Drinks Can a Vending Machine Hold?

The number of snacks and drinks you can fit into a vending machine varies greatly. Small, standard vending machines can hold about 300 food items in them, but larger ones can fit over 600 items. Drink machines typically contain about 125-500 cans or bottles in them. A vending specialist can discuss the size of your business and your options for vending machines during an informative consultation. 

Do Snack or Drink Vending Machines Make More?

Numerous factors determine which types of vending machines make the most money. One factor is what kind of establishment you run. A fitness center will sell more drinks, whereas a hospital is likely to sell more food.

Another determining factor is the type of foods and drinks you sell. Vending machines with the widest variety of snacks sell the most in workplaces that do not have employee cafeterias. Various companies performed surveys to see which vending machines earned the most money overall. The Haloo company’s research concluded that beverages sold more on a larger scale. 

What Are the Most Popular Vending Machine Snacks?

These are some of the most popular snacks to put in your vending machine:

Candy Bars

You can never go wrong if you stock your vending machine with lots of candy bars. Everyone needs a little sugar rush every once and a while. You’ll be doing a tremendous service to your customers by putting some of the most popular candy choices in your vending machine. Snickers bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are among the most popular, according to 360 Connect

Protein Bars

Protein bars are amazing for people who are health conscious. They usually contain 10 grams of protein, which is essential for maintaining muscle strength and preventing injury. 


Chips can provide the buyer with much-needed salt, and Lays is the best and most popular brand for chips. Thus, you might want to stock up on those. 


Adding some bags of peanuts to your vending machine is a wise move. Peanuts are unique because they are filling and full of essential proteins. 


Pop-Tarts can almost guarantee success for you. They are an all-time favorite, and they are the go-to item when people miss their breakfast. Therefore, you should have at least one row of them in your machine. You can always measure the activity later and adjust your inventory orders. 

How To Know What To Put in Your Vending Machine

Knowing some information about the people who visit your establishment will help you determine what to put in your vending machine. For example, you’ll want to stock up on the candy if most of your patrons come in with little children. 

Use the insight and information from above to select the most productive items to satisfy your patrons and earn you the most money. You can achieve amazing goals if you make smart choices for your vending options. 

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